Saturday, January 21, 2012

Always check Amazon first!!!!

So I LOVE Anytime I need a new charger of any kind (and we need them on a regular basis since our 15 month old American Bulldog eats them all)... I go to Amazon first. A few bucks later I have my new charger. We have also purchased books, toys for the kids, cell phone accessories and other various things on Amazon.
I go to an all womens gym and spa and I started tanning in October. I have not been seeing any difference so I caved and bought a $30 bottle of tanning lotion. Still no difference. Finally I decided to bite the bullet and buy the expensive "good" lotion. $63 later (and that's with a "discount" for being a VIP Member) I had myself a bottle of the "good stuff." A few days later I am at dinner with a friend and I mention my ridiculously expensive lotion and she shakes her head and says, "Oh Carli... AMAZON" Sure enough... the bottle I paid $63 for (after my "discount") sells for $23 on Amazon! Live and learn right?! But when I learn a lesson like that I must pass it along so no one else makes my $40 mistake!

Lesson learned my friends.... Lesson learned

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