Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day Lovin'

Valentine's Day... a day for love and romance. As a little girl I remember being so excited about Valentine' Day. Not because of a Valentine at school or the passing out of cards or any of that. Every year my Mom, Sister and I woke up to Valentine goodies from my Dad. All three of us were his Valentines. We would come downstairs to find the coffee table or kitchen table all decorated and 3 cards, 3 boxes of candy and 3 stuffed animals. It was so exciting as a little kid. Looking back I see the bigger picture. The impact that it had on us girls that he was always our number one Valentine... as it should be.
Now that I am the Mom, I enjoy going all out for birthdays and holidays. So every year I decorate the table with Valentines day goodies. This year I toned it down a bit because we had just had Chloe's birthday, birthday party and then two days at Disneyland. So I still put out a few decorations and they each got a card and a tin of candy.
i also continued the fun by making sure Chloe's lunch box was full of Valentines day love too. I used a larger cookie cutter to make her sandwich heart shaped. I included some Valentines day candies, a festive napkin and a heart shaped doilie that had a little love note written on it.

And despite being completely exhausted from our Disneyland adventures, Justin and I made 22 heart shaped rice crispies treats for Chloe to pass out with her Valentines at school.

I hit the clearance sale at Target the day after Valentines Day and stocked up on new goodies for next year. Lots of decorations, dishes and a new table cloth. I love being a Mommy and being responsible for creating those memories for my kids. Those are the things that make this "Homemakers" heart happy.

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